Founded in 2010 by the Arowana, Intueri Education was one of New Zealand’s foremost vocational groups. Their specialties included Commercial Diver Training and Makeup Artistry, Beauty and Spa Therapy, Design and Arts, Hairdressing as well as Culinary Design and Hospitality Management. Located in the heart of Auckland, the programme had seven business colleges that spanned within Australia and New Zealand. Due to their buy, build and integrate programme model, Under Arowana’s control the Intueri revenue increased to a gross NZD $4M and EBITDA of NZD $1M in 2014.

Brief Information on Trainings That Were Offered In Intueri Education

Commercial Diver Training

The Intueri Education group successfully carried out the diver training in affiliation with New Zealand School Of Commercial Diver Training (NZSCDT) which was the only commercial diving school to have reached offshore level in New Zealand. Originally established in 2000 by Alan Strong, they have trained several divers in New Zealand, Australia and around the globe. These divers turned out successful and have worked in a wide range of offshore and onshore settings in New Zealand as well as on the international scene.

The school went from operating in the domestic scene of raising local divers to achieving a huge feat and became an international producer of trained divers.

Design & Arts

The Intueri’s Design and Art College was the only institute committed to design and arts education in the South Island. The enrolment requirements included a successful completion of Year 12 or its equivalence of a college graduation and the 17 was the minimum age accepted. After graduation, every trainee was open to a job opportunity in makeup design, contemporary photography, fashion design interior design, fine arts, graphic and architectural design. 

Beauty and Spa Therapy

The Intueri Beauty and Spa training was done in collaboration with the some institutes renowned to be the largest Beauty and Spa training ground in NZ.  The training framework ran between duration of 6 – 18 months. It was co-funded by the Government of which qualifications earned after each successful training was over level 4 and 5(International qualifications inclusive). Accommodation and visa assistance was being made available for international students.

Culinary Design & Hospitality

Students were trained to become professional chefs and qualified in correlated hospitality courses. Several awards were won by trainees of the institute in the New Zealand culinary fare game and beyond. One of the goals they tried to achieve was to put the trainees through thorough practical trainings so they can cope and work in the real market. This was done because of the rapid growth of the culinary industry in New Zealand.

Hotel and Tourism Management

Due to the endless opportunities associated with travel and tourism industry in New Zealand, Intueri Education took the step and created the tourism management Institute, groomed young trainees to be skilled world – class professionals and also certified them. The trainees were in no time employed by some of the biggest Travel agencies like Virgin Atlantic & co; this was due to the influx of approximately 2million tourists that flocked New Zealand annually.


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